Silent Storm [manxman]

Silent Storm [manxman]

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SweetSpiceKillers By sweetspicekillers Updated Oct 10, 2016

One multibillionaire hiding a dark past.

One man sent to kill him. 

One guild of assassins left behind but not forgotten. 

Two worlds colliding, knives flying and poison being spilled. 

Who will survive when everybody is slowly dying?
And the greatest question of them all... 

Will there be love even though killers are involved, or is destruction and pain the only possible outcome?

Gunnaboo Gunnaboo Aug 24, 2016
Yay I just found out that you have another book and I'm so happy
RazorRuse RazorRuse Mar 11, 2016
So he got bored of being an assassin and booked it to be a multimillionaire? Seems legit XD
RazorRuse RazorRuse Mar 11, 2016
I usually hate reading flashbacks but that was hilarious. I want to find out more about his personality. Is he just a natural bad@ss or does he really not give a f#ck?
RazorRuse RazorRuse Mar 11, 2016
So this guy just goes off with the person who killed his parents and become an ASSASSIN? Lol. I love this dude.
sweetspicekillers sweetspicekillers Sep 19, 2015
Hahahahaha that's hilarious! Go with those words xD Thank you for reading
EnticingElite EnticingElite Sep 19, 2015
Pfft~ That was great~ Especially the ending :3 
                              I wonder what my last words would be...Probably something along the lines of 'April Fools~'. 
                              Thank you for the awesome chapter~