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What He Wants, He Takes.

What He Wants, He Takes.

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Beatrice By bea1237896 Completed

Meet Adelaide: Sweet, caring, loving and adored by all around her.

Meet Xavier: One man whom will do anything to have and keep Adelaide by his side, even if it means taking her away from all she holds dear to her.


You don't think I will ever hurt you? I scoffed.
"But I have hurt you. I had you taken away from your family, taken from your entire life." I said, gently pulling away from her her.

"Where... Where are you going with this? Yes, you took me away from my family and the people I care about, but-''

"You see, there, you just admitted it yourself. I hurt you and I don't want to hurt you. I-I love you." I said, suddenly taking her hands and pressing them to my chest 

She kissed me, cutting of whatever else I was going to say. 

''But, as I was saying, they aren't the only people whom I care about anymore... I care about you." she said and took a deep breath

"I love you, Xavier." She said. It was around that time that I stopped breathing... She loves me? Me?

nhsaaddiah nhsaaddiah Feb 12
If you want to, i can proof read it for you. Correct it and all. This is such a great story! I love it 💕
anecianna anecianna Mar 31, 2016
me :cool way to start a story 
                              munching on popcorn .......
                              me : next page !
shan_bookie shan_bookie Apr 03, 2016
This is a life lesson. Parents should purchase a copy for their lazy ass kid.
MillyMoon38 MillyMoon38 Jun 06, 2016
I understand, and don't want you to takw it the wrong way,  but what your saying isn't entirly true
kkadijakk kkadijakk Jun 25, 2016
Not me, my mom was so straight forward i never had a real chance to believe in that stuff
123angel4u 123angel4u May 29, 2016
That is the best-known advise in the world yep I voted as soon as I heard this