"Mine" A Hinny Fanfiction❤ COMPLETED ️ {BOOK 1}

"Mine" A Hinny Fanfiction❤ COMPLETED ️ {BOOK 1}

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**WARNING WARNING** this book has about a billion grammar mistakes and its an English teacher's worse nightmare!!! Corrections are uncountable but I am at the moment re-editing so bare with me.  This book, "Mine" is a Hinny Fanfiction. Some of the plot is made by me and the bare few follow up on JK Rowling so don't judge. 

It's funny how time flies, but in this book, evil will be brought up from the depths. Harry's skills will be tested. Voldemort is back and is not only creating corruption in the wizarding world but in the muggles. What happens when Harry is set with hard and difficult tasks ahead? Not only that but Déjà vu plays a big roll in making Harry's feelings take its toll on a certain red head. You could guess..

Its Harry's sixth year, he spends his usual summer with the rotten Dursleys but when Dumbledore fetch's him one night he isn't just in need of help, it is to visit an old friend. 

What happens when the word 'Horcrux' is introduced? 

Way much more happens, secrets revealed, revenge takes a shot and a lot of fighting emerges.

The four letter word--Love. It's a teacher for harry this year, Love comes for both Harry and his friends. But who will feel its sting? After all Love can bring people together--- but it can also tear them apart. 

Will Harry succeed or be the one that crumples? "Neither one can live while the other survives" what does this mean for the trio? 


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XxKela_PandaxX XxKela_PandaxX Jun 18, 2017
No offense but, NO MAGIC OUTSIDE OF HOGWARTS,soz it was just annoying me great book so far!!!
lexii101104 lexii101104 Nov 10, 2017
I’m sorry but this is just bugging me, they are not allowed to use magic outside of hogwarts until they are seventeen. I’m sorry really I am I just couldn’t help it 😂
sope_03 sope_03 Mar 03, 2016
You know u love him so just dump dean and kiss harry already
                              Cant u see that he loves you
kemialugo kemialugo Jan 25, 2017
Isn't harry sixteen since Ginny is fifteen. He conjured up a quaffle outside Hogwarts. No magic outside Hogwarts
GilErilzz GilErilzz Jan 18, 2017
Hi Ru! Still remember me? Its me Gin_Molly_Weasley, and I accidentally deleted my old account which is Gin_Molly_Weasley. And now I need your help, please follow me back, because I need to be back again, and I am really sorry I was gone. Thanks!! Love ya lots💗💗💗
DixiePotter DixiePotter Apr 03, 2016
Love this. Please, when you are not busy, do another chapter?love it