Brothers of the leaf

Brothers of the leaf

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A little blonde boy ran into the woods away from the angry villagers. He ran until he made it to a training ground, once he was sure that he wasnt being followed he sat down by the pond. He looked at the water and sighed, why do they hate me? I never did anything to them. This little boy is naruto uzumaki, he is 5 years old he has bright blond hair and bright blue eyes and has three whisker shaped scars in each cheek, he has never known his family and is hated by the villagers of konaha. He looked at the pond, it would be so easy, he thought. I could kill my self and no one would notice I'm sure everyone would be happier, thought naruto as he stood up and jumped into the water.

Sasuke pov

Sasuke was walking to a training ground that had a pond, he liked to go there and think. This is Sasuke Uchiha he is 5, he has black hair and onyx eyes his family was slaughtered by his brother Itachi and he is loved by all of konaha. He got to the training ground and saw a boy around his ag...

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Mastress_Elysian Mastress_Elysian Feb 07, 2016
@ScarredEmblem I understand I am probably going to go through and edit my stories soon
Mastress_Elysian Mastress_Elysian Feb 07, 2016
@ScarredEmblem unfortunately i dont have any close friends that are in the naruto fandom. and for the sake of this story i changed some of the timeline
ScarredEmblem ScarredEmblem Feb 07, 2016
I understand, but I'd find a way to improve your grammar. I leaves a more polished feel to the story
mysteryanimelover mysteryanimelover Oct 10, 2016
THIS IS SO KAWAII AWWW ...omg its weird that I ship them sooo all this is gonna be akward since there brothers
RebelHeart2016 RebelHeart2016 Apr 02, 2016
*nosebleeds everywhere so now the whole universe is the collie of blood* SP CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ScarredEmblem ScarredEmblem Feb 07, 2016
I just am first reading this. If at all possible, find a good friend to beta your story. Just a suggestion