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Zodiac Signs: Book 2

Zodiac Signs: Book 2

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xXRedXx By xXxRed-RosesxXx Updated Apr 12

Here's the second installment if my zodiac signs book. More crazy and weird Shit to be had and experienced in book 2.

~* Some are from tumblr and some I made up by myself *~

MadoshiHikari MadoshiHikari 6 days ago
1) Nope
                              2) Just a million times funnier when you know Homestuck
Passionate (Yep!)
                              Secretive (VERY true.)
                              Protective (Yeah)
                              A little morbid (Okay, I'll admit this is true.)
Strong(Deep inside, yes)
                              Durable(True, true)
                              Stubborn(How did you know?!)
                              Protective(You mean overprotective!)
Aquarius are rather extremely sensitive and mind really easily!! Yea cuz my <3 is a Aquarius!!! no offense though!!!
Strong (physically eh, mentally also eh)
                              Durable (yeah I guess)
                              Stubborn (yes)
                              Protective (depends)
aLuvbooks aLuvbooks Apr 11
More like:
                              Strong ( mentally; physically... no. Definitely not strong physically )
                              Protective ( OVER FOOD! )