My Weekend Love (First Draft)

My Weekend Love (First Draft)

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Anna: Do you STILL like me ?

Lukas: I had never stopped.

Anna: Umm, then why aren't we moving forward?
I had got perplexed due to his mixed signals since a last few weeks.

Lukas: If we like a person, it doesn't always mean we need to go further. 

Anna: Does that even make sense?

Lukas: Yes, it does!
And he went offline 


An 17 years old nerd, Anna Winston applies for a German weekend course at an Institute. She's sweet, friendly & mainly intelligent. She was content with her life, untill she meet Lukas Adams(21) there.
And she eventually discovered herself falling for him. But he's a player, standing with a sign board stating a big 'NO' to serious relationships. What are his reasons? Well, this mysterious guy got some secrets! 
Gradually with time, he finds himself falling for Anna as well, but life just can't go that easily. He has to choose between her & his dreams. 
Read : Will he choose to commit to her or chase his dreams ? Can she ever change this bad boy & what about his dark secrets ?

* Contains pretty good amount of Swearing *