No Substitutions [Welcome To Wolf's Peak] (manxman)

No Substitutions [Welcome To Wolf's Peak] (manxman)

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M.T. Jones By M-T-Jones Completed

Welcome To Wolf's Peak Book 3 

Austin is the Beta of the Wolf's Creek Pack.
The very straight Beta. 
Imagine his shock when he accompanied his Alpha to the local bakery to pick up sweet things for his brother, the pregnant Alpha mate, and found a mate of his own. 
He was already in a relationship with a human woman and left his mate behind with a heavy heart and a confused mind.

Casper Moore's life seemed to be straight forward, he rose early and baked the sweet treats and breads he sold in his bakery. He had a smile and a kind word for his customers and treated his staff well. 
Life was far from straight forward though. 
Casper was on the run from a crazed ex who had promised to kill him before he'd let him go and he had no doubt that he would keep that promise if he ever found Casper.
Then the unbelievable happened, he found his mate. A mix of emotions cascaded through him from joy and wonderment to trepidation and foreboding. Shock and betrayal won out when his mate turned his back on him and walked from his shop without acknowledging their bond.

When the past comes back to bite Casper will he have a mate to stand strong beside him or will he have to face it alone?

SuperSempai13 SuperSempai13 5 days ago
wandab63 wandab63 Jun 02, 2016
ok im a lil confused i thought in book 1 he was bi hes the one Bram went to about not knowing how to be with a man ughh ok i could be reading this wrong
Rxdikia Rxdikia Dec 14, 2015
Is this the vampire Casper from Kennedy's story or are you creating a different one?
chemicaldreaming chemicaldreaming Dec 13, 2015
Can't wait for another amazing journey that you'll take us on! I love your writing!
starlite22 starlite22 Dec 08, 2015
Yay I wanted to read Austin's and Casper's story!  And Adrian's!
M-T-Jones M-T-Jones Dec 07, 2015
This one is going to be short so you won't have too long to wait.