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Crimson Chains

Crimson Chains

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Grayson By FemaleNightwing Updated Feb 13

People don't know the pain of being chained up and beaten. Your will slowly cracks as does your sanity. Leaving you to pick up the lose pieces and hope to put them back together. Trying to be whole or who you once were again. 

But Robin The Boy Wonder knows exactly what that pain feels like. Knows exactly what it feels like to have your will slowly cracking and leaving you broken.  

But the Young Justice hasn't experienced what's it's like to be under that influence. Under the pressure of slowly breaking, nowhere near what's Robin has felt. But what happens when they all get captured by the Clown King and Queen themselves and the Light?

Quinn123987 Quinn123987 Feb 09, 2016
Like? We only like it?! WE LOVE THIS! Its suspenseful, emotionally epic not to mention 1,000% AWESOME!!!!!
Stormfly121 Stormfly121 Oct 30, 2016
As the devil dragon myself(my villian side in batman books that look after the robins),I am a assassin since I can turn into a shadow,animals,people,and things.i can even turn into my FINAL FORM!! A phoenix.the flaming bird with blue and black flames.
Death once asked life:
                                        "Why do people hate me
                                         but love you?"
                              Life responded:
                                        "Because I am a beautiful
                                         lie and you are a painful
ItsCrazyNuts ItsCrazyNuts Aug 07, 2016
I love this book already. It's deep and has a lot of meaning. I think it's great and should be continued no matter what.
TrueColorzz TrueColorzz Mar 23, 2016
I'm telling you guys Robin and Batman are secretly Doctor Who he can time travel!!!!
Pegasister60 Pegasister60 Feb 05, 2016
Your words make us feel,
                              and question if life's real.
                              OR if it's a lie,
                              and we see truth when we die.
                              When we are unsure,
                              of what pains others have ensured.
                              You are a writer, simple and plain.
                              never has anything you've written been lame!
                              4 U!