Crimson Chains

Crimson Chains

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People don't know the pain of being chained up and beaten. Your will slowly cracks as does your sanity. Leaving you to pick up the lose pieces and hope to put them back together. Trying to be whole or who you once were again. 

But Robin The Boy Wonder knows exactly what that pain feels like. Knows exactly what it feels like to have your will slowly cracking and leaving you broken.  

But the Young Justice hasn't experienced what's it's like to be under that influence. Under the pressure of slowly breaking, nowhere near what's Robin has felt. But what happens when they all get captured by the Clown King and Queen themselves and the Light?

kazelda kazelda May 26
Oh goood.... THIS IS DEEEEP.... IM GONNA DIEEEE... I tried to go for feelz in my books but I think I failed miserably ;-;
kazelda kazelda May 26
Why is it always the four letter words?
                              Etc. etc.
Lol one year bro then I'm expecting Gotham city to rise and Robin to come to life got it?
I'm going to be thirteen for the first few weeks I'm in high school. But then my birthday will come, I'll turn fourteen, and I'll get food.
Live L-I-V-E four letter word and Fear F-E-A-R also four letter word and I was thinking that life is Fear because every day you wake up and you don't know what's going to happen it's a mystery it's scary it's fearful