The Gangleaders Daughter

The Gangleaders Daughter

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*Partially edited* 

*40 Chapters*

Angel Kacy Winters is a tough girl who doesn't care what you think.

She's the tough Gangleaders Daughter that will have you shaking in your boots just from her glare.

Don't think she's your typical bad girl. No. She's completely different. 

Kacy isn't your average Gangleader's Daughter. No. she's far from it. 

You think you know everything about her? Please, you don't even know a fraction.

Welcome to the complicated but wonderful life of Angel Kacy Winters.

This book is filled with heartbreak, broken friendships, betrayals and tears. Once you start it you won't want to put it down.

* cover by @Painter_of_Light*

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berryboo69 berryboo69 Oct 05
                              i would kill caleb if i was his girlfriend since he need help choosing between keera and bethany
trinadyj trinadyj Oct 06
I just sucked my teeth with an annoyed face because I know this feeling
NeveahUrban NeveahUrban Sep 03
I'm so confused should I be offended or take it as a joke cuz my names also Willow😄
KookieKara KookieKara Sep 11
Now it's gonna be weird reading this since my name is Kara...Still gonna read it though.
jeansann jeansann Aug 18
Does anyone here actually casually wear 6 inch heals casually?, especially when you are a student. I spend too much time on my feet anyway so id rather not.
Wtf, round? Wft, kingdom? Bitch u an it queen of anything. U little shithead