The Gangleaders Daughter

The Gangleaders Daughter

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*Partially edited* 

*40 Chapters*

Angel Kacy Winters is a tough girl who doesn't care what you think.

She's the tough Gangleaders Daughter that will have you shaking in your boots just from her glare.

Don't think she's your typical bad girl. No. She's completely different. 

Kacy isn't your average Gangleader's Daughter. No. she's far from it. 

You think you know everything about her? Please, you don't even know a fraction.

Welcome to the complicated but wonderful life of Angel Kacy Winters.

This book is filled with heartbreak, broken friendships, betrayals and tears. Once you start it you won't want to put it down.

* cover by @Painter_of_Light*

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heygirlhey177 heygirlhey177 a day ago
Uuugghh i hate girls lime that , there so annoying 😐😐😑
maia_clark maia_clark Jul 15
I feel like this is a superhero scene when they just find out they have powers and look at their hands in astonishment
maia_clark maia_clark Jul 15
*let's get it ooooooon* que music 
                              Why I'm pretty sure getting it on with your father is quite illegal
                                 I didn't mean get it on, I mean get al--
                              Ah ah ah! You didn't say that, did you tho?
                                 Well I mea--
                              NOPE! Therefore, I WIN!
heygirlhey177 heygirlhey177 a day ago
Bitch just stop doing wat doing wat ur doing ans go away , no likes u
Omg  I'm imagining my full face makeup rather than only boring mascara
I like how all the children has A for the first letter of there names