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The Gangleaders Daughter

The Gangleaders Daughter

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Flowergirl By 123flowergirl Completed

C O M P L E T E D  1 8 T H  J U L Y  2 0 1 6

*Partially edited* 

*40 Chapters*

Angel Kacy Winters is a tough girl who doesn't care what you think.

She's the tough Gangleaders Daughter that will have you shaking in your boots just from her glare.

Don't think she's your typical bad girl. No. She's completely different. 

Kacy isn't your average Gangleader's Daughter. No. she's far from it. 

You think you know everything about her? Please, you don't even know a fraction.

Welcome to the complicated but wonderful life of Angel Kacy Winters.

This book is filled with heartbreak, broken friendships, betrayals and tears. Once you start it you won't want to put it down.

* cover by @Painter_of_Light*

Copyright © 2015
All Rights Reserved

Awesome_Emogirl Awesome_Emogirl 2 days ago
I have dark blue eyes but one of my eyes are lighter then the other
Honey, we all knew what you were gonna say, why hide it? 😂
_lolwritersblock_ _lolwritersblock_ 6 days ago
Honestly I want a lot of older brothers I have no brother just one little sister😑
yeah. bad idea naming all of them form the letter A. never gonna tell them apart and never gonna even try.
Pinkstar35 Pinkstar35 Jan 10
I had a twin but she/he died at birth the doctor said she/he gave up most of its dna a stuff like that to me so i can survive because we were both dying in the womb im so sad because i will always feel like im mossing apart of me srry for this depressing comment
Music2939 Music2939 Feb 06
Awww I want an older brother... I have an older sister! But she still awesome