Anger Management

Anger Management

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Afaf By Afafyy Updated Nov 20

"Don't get too close to him" she stated.

"Why not?" I asked curiously.

"Because he'll just push you away, it's what he does to everyone" she said.

"Maybe everyone else just didn't know how to approach him" I told her. She shrugged.

"Don't say I didn't warn you" she spat before turning around and walking away. 


Aaliyah Summers, the new girl at school, quirky and quiet, but when she has an opinion she isn't afraid to speak her mind. She tries to see the good in everyone no matter how bad they are. 

Everyone warned her off him. Everyone told her the bad stories about him. But she couldn't help but to be curious about this one boy. The boy who was always angry. The boy who sat in the back corner of her photography class. The boy who was Aiden Donovan.

Aaliyah had a mission, a mission to show everyone the good side of Aiden. To show everyone that Aiden wasn't as bad as he seemed. 

But to Aaliyah, Aiden became more than her mission, to Aaliyah, Aiden became something more than what she had expected.

I thought dads were chill and moms were strict. But even my parents aren't that strict
At my school we don't have a bell between classes so we have to remember to check the time to see if it's lunch time or not.
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