Mad Hatter (l.s.)

Mad Hatter (l.s.)

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Panda By JustPandaLove Updated 5 days ago

"Do I not frighten you?" 

"Im not who you want me to be!"

"You be Alice, Ill be the Mad Hatter."

"You.... My Pure Beautiful Flower...."


Or, the one where Harry is feared by everyone one in town, but once he lays his eyes on the kid, who likes dressing in skirts. He goes crazy.... even more than he already is.

-CrimsonMoon- -CrimsonMoon- 3 days ago
I just came here from reading Confessions for the billionth time so I like low key hate Stan right now.
No don't shake his hand he just peed and his hand was on his dick its just gross
Before I start reading, is this book somewhat inspired by Melanie Martinez song mad hatter?
freddieson freddieson Sep 17
when you dont read the description so you dont know who tops but reading too many fanfics seeing their names being called in the first chapter you know that thats the bottom. but you keep reading cause this seems kinky...even it its top harry.....ew i hate myself.