Yun Feng

Yun Feng

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mtk469 By mtk469 Updated Oct 04, 2017

Somewhere in the vast land of Divine Plane, there were two Deity-Paragon level. Battling each other. Long Yun Feng is martial body cultivist while the other Deity-Paragon whom had been challenge by Long Yun was share the same name as him. Sheng Yun Feng. 

The strongest existence within Deity-Paragon ranks. The result of their duel lead both of them perished almost at the sametimes. Convince of their death yet was reincarnate into the frail looking body, which is also posses the same name as them, Wang Yun Feng. Two soul of Sheng Yun (Sword Yun) and Long Yun (Gauntlet Yun) was share the same body. Body of the weakest among the weakest. The frailer within the weak ranks. And was refer as "Trash Yun". 

Everything is change when the "Real" Wang Yun Feng die and leave to the afterlife after the real "entrust" his memory.

(MTK word: This is not translation project, it is original book written from scratch when I have free times. even if you didn't believe me, that is the truth.)

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mkscrawler mkscrawler Jul 15, 2017
Sounds interesting. I like the ideas. Work on mistakes. Also pay more attention to the techniques with better description
JeffBrennen JeffBrennen Mar 17, 2016
Yo this is pretty dope! Thought it was by a Chinese author!!
JeffBrennen JeffBrennen Mar 17, 2016
Now the question is, can you write a thousand chapter epic adventure?
DannySimpson2 DannySimpson2 Mar 28, 2016
Amazing plot it holds a lot of potential to be great if you focus on its development
Love4NovelGuy Love4NovelGuy Nov 12, 2015
I think it would be better if you focused more about them being martial artists than their level. Other than that it is awesome!
Aswad12 Aswad12 Sep 18, 2015
Like the beginning. "Deity-Paragon" eh? Coiling Dragon influence....