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Forever and Always; Homicidal Liu x Reader x Jeff the Killer

Forever and Always; Homicidal Liu x Reader x Jeff the Killer

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Angel By StraNgeloveXoXo Completed

Normal family. Normal friends. Normal school. Normal life. This is how it is for me, well, at least how people think it is for me. "You're so beautiful." My friends would tell me "You're life has to be so interesting." My grandmother would state. I would only smile and nod, mentally chuckling. They never notice the purple bags under my eyes or the bruises on my arm. Every night my door would be locked and the needles would come out. Xanax, codeine, and oxycodone are my best friends, I couldn't imagine life without them. White power stained almost all the handheld mirrors I own, needles and belts were always stored under my bed with the plastic baggies. Its not like it would matter to anyone, my parents are always to busy arguing to notice. My friends would care if I told them, but that's never gonna happen. I wonder how long I'll live for, I wonder if I'll ever be kissed or have a boyfriend. I wonder if I'll ever be married. Ha, I've gone completely out of my mind, haven't I? I guess t...

EJ-EyelessJack EJ-EyelessJack Jul 13, 2016
I take drugs, they are called anime, fanfiction, instagram, and tumblr
kiari-chan kiari-chan Mar 30, 2016
...sry but the only drugs I take is anime, kpop, jpop, and really cute Asian guys, I can't live without them... and Shane Dawson, pewdiepie.. they are my drugs that I need to live 😂😍😍
Mayu_mayu Mayu_mayu Dec 09, 2016
"I wonder if I'll ever be kissed or have a boyfriend" lol all the boys I like are fictional *sobs*
NerdyPhoenix NerdyPhoenix May 15, 2016
- - Dec 15, 2015
Dear author chan the drugs is a turn off for me in the story but I am still going to read it but thoue I disagree about how the drugs are represented in this story I hope grate wrighting will make up for my distast at 
                              P.s no hate just needed to say that
americantoystory americantoystory Sep 27, 2015
Neeeuuuuuuu I'm a drug addict! Wait, how did you know? Jk jk jk