Adopted by Bts (Completed & Edited)

Adopted by Bts (Completed & Edited)

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Draka Skye By DrakaSkye Completed

WARNING!!!~  SPELLING ERRORS! EDITED! Also, I was just getting into BTS so I didn't know much about them, also my grammar skills because I was in middle school and logic about 6 year olds was low. I don't remember me when I was 6 sooo....ya....

Bailey a 6 year old girl, has been in the orphanage for 3 years. She has no friends there cause she's the quiet and shy child. The only friend she has is the caretaker. Her parents died in a plane crash. She was not on the plane. Bailey is half American, and half Korean, so she speaks both Korean and English.(Even though she's only 6) One day she was listening to music on her iPod that the caretaker gave her, when all of a sudden 7 men and the caretaker are in front of her. 

What will happen to Bailey, and how will she take her new life with kpop idols? Find out...

                              The panda is named Jim...
                              JIM JIMIN THE PANDA?!
She has an ipod, dafaq i only had a piece of paper and drew a phone then
She's so intelligent to memorize all there names within a minute while I took a week to memorize their names ;-;
Jin why is there so much pink. Also why did they let him decorate the room?
I don't really like pink tho .-. It's too girly if you ask me .-.
I love blue and black and red but never in a million years I will not like pink