The Fallen Officer's Son (BOYXBOY)

The Fallen Officer's Son (BOYXBOY)

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*Short Story*

Carson Walker, lost his father at the tender age of 3 during the 9/11 attack. He's a quiet boy, with little to no friends, his mother and her on and off again boyfriend tend to bring him down all day every day. He never feels safe living with her. He's terrified of what she'd do if she were to find out that he's gay so he hides it. He hates pretending to be something he's not. Though he never met his father, he wishes that he were here to protect him, knows his father loved him dearly.He's bullied at home and at school on a daily basis. When will his pain stop? When will people see that he's already suffering enough at the hands of his mother?To many questions and no answers.

Dolan King, 19 year old Senior with a cocky attitude is you typical Jock. He has the looks that rival every man, gets the girls and is hated by every male in his school. He's the school's number one player. He fucks anything that walks and then throws them away as if they were nothing. He's loud, arrogant, rough, tall, muscular, and handsome. He's friends with everyone at school but he loner who sits in the back of the class with his head down with the hood over his head hiding him away from the rest of the world. He bullies those who are weaker then him but what will he do when he learns that the boy at the back of the class is the son of the officer who lost his life after saving the life of his father? Will he continue to bully him even after knowing that if it weren't for Officer Walker, his father would be dead now? To many things happen yet he had no clue what to do.

What will happen when these two different boys get put together as partners for a school project? Will Dolan see the pain that Carson suffers at the hands of his mother and boyfriend? Feelings bloom, lies are spread and pain is inevitable and promises are broken. Will Dolan be quick to safe Carson from the pain or will he be to late? Read and find out in The Fallen Officer's Son.

LaLumina14 LaLumina14 Apr 13
How can someone with such a nice family be this awful of a person... I don't understand
😑 He can't possible be late since he ran all the flipping way home. 😑
MunchMite MunchMite Mar 28
I was gonna go on to the next chapter but fûck it, I HOPE YOU GET YOUR SHÎT KNOCKED!
I_Am_The_Ship_Lord I_Am_The_Ship_Lord Nov 26, 2016
Just thinking about thus happening to Harry makes me want to cry.