The Girl Who Was Different [#Wattys2016]

The Girl Who Was Different [#Wattys2016]

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Maggie_Madeline By Maggie_Madeline Updated Apr 11, 2016

Stupid, Weird, Ugly, Gay, A Fat Pig.
This was how Scarlet Hudson felt everyday.
Unwanted, Worthless, Unloved, A Freak.
Bullies tormenting her every chance they get.
To them, she's just a waste of space.
Having a mental disorder doesn't help either.
Neither does moving every few years into different foster homes.
The only person who would ever stand up for Scarlet was her bestfriend Ashley Simones.
That was until Maxwell Curtis, the quarterback of their high school, decided to stand up for her.
And to think he was, maybe still is, one of her bullies.

Scarlet - Long blonde hair, dark blue eyes, has olive skin, almost 5'7, wears bulky rimmed glasses, the "Outcast".

Maxwell - Curly light brown hair, hazelnut "Doe" eyes, has a sun-kissed tan, about 6'1, is extremely fit, the "Popular Jock"

"She's not weird, she's just... Different"

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