Henry Danger Boyfriend Scenarios

Henry Danger Boyfriend Scenarios

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Butchy Lover By XxCoolestChic Updated Apr 20, 2016

Okay, yes, I watch nickelodeon. Do not judge me. I love stuff that are for kids! Anyway, this includes:

Henry Hart/Kid Danger! Ray Manchester/Captain Man! Jasper!

So yeah, this is it. Hope you enjoy! ^-^

- - Nov 10, 2016
I feel like this would actually happen cuz my bff was my bully in 4-6th grade.
TeamRandry TeamRandry Jan 07
If you do. I will rip your heart out eat. And make you watch me
-Newtmas- -Newtmas- Nov 14, 2016
I have a friend whos boyfriend broke up with her over snapchat...
- - Nov 10, 2016
I can't smile anymore like everything that once made me happy is gone now...
TeamRandry TeamRandry Jan 07
They have two choices
                              1. Get pushed off a cliff
                              2. Or get shot
                              Either way their gonna die. Its a win win situation.....FOR ME
Cuteisweird Cuteisweird Nov 27, 2016
*wink wink* 
                              *nudge nudge*
                              *stab stab*
                              *hide the body hide the body*
                              *get arrested get arrested*
                              *go to jail go to jail*
                              *drop the soap drop the soap*