Henry Danger Boyfriend Scenarios

Henry Danger Boyfriend Scenarios

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Okay, yes, I watch nickelodeon. Do not judge me. I love stuff that are for kids! Anyway, this includes:

Henry Hart/Kid Danger! Ray Manchester/Captain Man! Jasper!

So yeah, this is it. Hope you enjoy! ^-^

Good i cant were leggings guess why tho ill give a hint  💦
pink-G pink-G Apr 15
Destiny and Adrian. I hate their guts. 
                              Fcking hate them.
I'm so dirty minded * hits head multiple    time on the wall * -.-
Mine ended up breaking up with me, in front of the whole school, at lunch. Then later spread rumors about me.😑😐
Oh... I would love to be in this foursome of yours *wink wink*
NightOwl8D NightOwl8D Mar 13
OH yeah my bff's boyfriend broke up with her by texting her ............. On Facebook like COME ON