Henry Danger Boyfriend Scenarios

Henry Danger Boyfriend Scenarios

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Okay, yes, I watch nickelodeon. Do not judge me. I love stuff that are for kids! Anyway, this includes:

Henry Hart/Kid Danger! Ray Manchester/Captain Man! Jasper!

So yeah, this is it. Hope you enjoy! ^-^

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xSunsetDreams xSunsetDreams Sep 24, 2017
I dont get it.
                              What's so funny? That everyone is laughing under my comment?
I have two ex bffs bc
                              My first one I moved and couldn't get her phone number 
                              My second one she's a bitch and she's a hoe
Little-Headache Little-Headache Sep 24, 2017
You would not believe your eyes. 
                              if your friend was with your guy. 
                              To be honest I know this will never be read but it was definitely worth it.
smutty_trash smutty_trash Jul 31, 2017
Mine ended up breaking up with me, in front of the whole school, at lunch. Then later spread rumors about me.😑😐
-_Hipless_- -_Hipless_- Sep 07, 2017
My BFF is a boy. And my girl best friend is gay- THIS MAKES IT 200 TIMES WORSE. I think-
Laughing_Hooligan Laughing_Hooligan Sep 13, 2017
                              Inappropriate me: *eyebrow wiggle*