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The Ruthless Alpha (DISCONTINUED)

The Ruthless Alpha (DISCONTINUED)

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darling1899 By darling1899 Updated Feb 14

He is an Alpha
He is Evil
He is Cruel
He is Ruthless
He is a Monster
Everyone fears him. No one dares to challenge him. He is your nightmare. He is everything you can consider bad on this earth.
The most enticing sent hits my nose that I could not resist;my wolf urges me to go looking for the source and I comply. I know I should not go wondering without my friends but they are no where to be seen, but like they say curiosity killed the cat. I went further into the forest. I was walking and came to a halt. My friends were there surrounded by huge men,when I say huge I mean huge. I was frozen to the spot. I didn't know what to do. I started walking backwards and like always clumsy me stepped on a branch making it snap and all heads turn to me. I didn't get a chance to turn around and  run because a huge wolf has pinned me to the ground, I try to fight him but he is strong; I whimper. Then a shadow comes close and the scent hits me again but stronger but i don't dare to look up. 
"Alpha Xander, we found these three rouges roaming the territory boarders." At the mention of that name all hopes are gone for me and my friends.
Now I am shaking as fear consumes me. How can I be so stupid not to notice I crossed his territory. 
Here I am, in front of the monster himself.
"SHIFT," he yells at me.
I obey and shift. I can feel his gaze on me but I do not dare and look up at him.
Read if you want to know what happens. 
Enjoy!! :)

elephant44 elephant44 Sep 13, 2015
Can't wait to see Wat happens next.  The start was sad,  it made me want to get the tissues.
elephant44 elephant44 Sep 13, 2015
It's a talent that u can write,  be proud of ure self, it's achievement.