Mated With The Alpha ||ON HOLD|| (Under Reconstruction)

Mated With The Alpha ||ON HOLD|| (Under Reconstruction)

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BoyxBoy's #1 Stalker 옥 By CozyBXBLover Updated Apr 02, 2016

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{This story needs to be rewritten. This was my first story so I kinda started off in that not really knowing what to do phase. Then grew up here on Wattpad as I went on. You can still read if you want! But, I have gotten a lot of comments from people saying they were really confused during some parts, also that the grammar and the errors upset them. You have been warned!}


Jamie is a cute little geeky teen werewolf who's parents decided to send him away to live with relatives after they discovered he was being bullied.

His life is then thrown into a frenzy when he finds out that he's mated to the Alpha's son and to add to that stress someone has target him for some unknown reason.

He also finds out new things about himself that no one could believe! On the road of finding himself he meets new friends, unkind people and even.. His past self. 

This story carries out old love, new love, and tragic love stories that might bring you to tears, it's funny heart warming and just plain damn epic!


- - Mar 06, 2016
The cover boys hot. Do you know his 'real name' by and chance ?
AarmauShipper13 AarmauShipper13 May 11, 2016
*Hagrid bursts in*
                              Hagrid: ''Ur a wizard Jamie...''
                              Jamie: ''Nuuuuuu!!!!''
LittleAngelThing LittleAngelThing Mar 18, 2016
Am I the only one that's going to read this and hope she take it off hold.
BearXwithXme BearXwithXme Jun 27, 2016
Hey! I'm 5'4"! And I'm probably going to grow maybe an inch more, if even that!
SPYKID1412 SPYKID1412 May 28, 2016
It's funny how I do that... To my own books ;_; well then... Ima go read now XD
Zayraya2772 Zayraya2772 May 31, 2016
When they realize their '"stress" punching bag' hasnt been around so they can relieve their "stress"