Silent Desire

Silent Desire

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MsDreamerGirl84 By MsDreamerGirl84 Updated Jul 07, 2016

Alexander James Demakis. 
One thing for sure, he's drop-dead gorgeous hunk with a stare that could make you cum right away.   At a young age, he made a spot in Forbes as one of the world most influential person. He turns silver into gold. And, as far as women goes, they just exists as mere sexual plaything. 

Meet his match...
Clara Bell Valiente, a strong-willed, untamed, and very blunt model. Even how much she wasn't allowed to take that course of life, she did. 

One situation, a temperamental met another temperamental and fire exploded causing him to stole her a kiss.. A kiss that both hunted them, and became their SILENT DESIRE..

Will they ever bend their pride just to have that another kiss? Or will they just buried it and ignored the burning, searing passion whenever their eyes met.

Coming Soon...

yovitadhanis yovitadhanis May 31, 2016
Francisco Lachowski as Alexander James Demakis is much better good option i think
lfmanimbi lfmanimbi Dec 05, 2016
Wow i like them.....
                              The picture ndi match ....
                              Dapat maintimidate ka pag nkita mu c demakis...menky....nahh
Anushaather Anushaather Dec 10, 2015
After finishing secret love and his wicked ways, PLEASE start this one!!! M  so waiting for this... :)
KarenkateEspana KarenkateEspana Nov 30, 2015
i can wait..your my 1st best author,..i promised to myself i will buy your books when i will take my vacation..soooonnn.
fourgie fourgie Oct 16, 2015
I'm so looking forward to reading this . . . PLEASE UPDATE AND FINISH . . . ;-)
RatikaSologar RatikaSologar Oct 03, 2015
thank god he does not end up with da bitch's daughter lyk in the epilogue of TOPB