Daddy's Baby Boy

Daddy's Baby Boy

82K Reads 2.9K Votes 21 Part Story
H Y P E R By TheInsaneShipper Completed

Daddy!Frank, Little!Gerard

Good things about this:

-Gerard & Frank never die in these one shots
-Happy ever after b/c we need it
-Nothing to kill you (unless it's chapters 5 and 6 were Frank & Gee might)
-A little drama. Happy ending.
-Some humor

[Note: This only applies yo the stories themselves.]
[Other Note: This IS MCR inspired,and some of you might understand this later.]

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ryansdildo ryansdildo Sep 24, 2017
the only reason i thought of undertale was because i saw a parody of irresistible that was called determination and it made me crave death.
fuckinloserasf fuckinloserasf Sep 06, 2017
Everyone: UnDeRtAlE 
                              Me:how te feck can pattycakes reach the shelf? I'm tall and I can't reach. WhAt iS tHis WiZaRdRy
RyRo_is_Milky_Daddy RyRo_is_Milky_Daddy Oct 15, 2017
I don't know why I thought of this but all I could imagine was Gerard barfing on Frank as this happens. I also don't know why I find it so funny
DeadSmolBean DeadSmolBean Dec 08, 2017
cyanidebomb cyanidebomb May 11, 2017
Gerard feels like poop, Frank feels like shot. This is just a bad night for everyone