Widow's Shadow

Widow's Shadow

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WIDXW By TheWinterWidxw Updated Mar 21, 2017


Once upon a December.
Two bodies, two souls; were molded into weapons of destruction and vengeance.
Reunited in the hush of the Russian winter.

Their mantle shattered as a scourge clung to them like shadow.
A shadow never leaves,
even in darkness;
It will always remain beside you.
Even if it kills you.

A new shadow has emerged from a dark void and it's hungry for the collapse of the infamous winter and the death of the eminent widow.

Winter has only just commenced.

WARNING: Explicit Language
Photos used by Phil Noto

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Lokimakerofmischief Lokimakerofmischief Jun 25, 2017
🎶Istanbul was Constantinople, now its instanbul not Constantinople, been a long time gone, old Constantinople's still has Turkish delight, on a moonlight night🎶
Loki_for_LIFE Loki_for_LIFE Apr 18, 2017
cptnphasma cptnphasma Mar 24, 2016
Can I just say, I think you're books need to be published. You have such good wording and really develop the story. I'd be surprised if nobody wanted to read your stories 💘
Ludholtzjj Ludholtzjj Mar 24, 2016
Honestly I'm sold... we all knew I was gonna read this story no matter what XD
SHIELDAgentNatt SHIELDAgentNatt May 05, 2016
I love this!! Great descriptive language, so amazingly written and you capture the characters perfectly. :) :)