Rogue, Bitten (Temporarily on hold for publication of Beloved Beast)

Rogue, Bitten (Temporarily on hold for publication of Beloved Beast)

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Emmy Alexander By inkzerospace Updated Jan 03, 2016


Nico Roux is ruthless and driven solely by vengeance. He seeks only to seize rank as alpha of the Black Mountain pack and exact revenge on those who have wronged him. But his plans are quickly thwarted when he's betrayed to his enemy and imprisoned in a silver-riddled cell governed by an ancient evil. When he manages to escape, he takes with him a prized-possession he believes will lure his tormentor from the darkness. 


Leonie Camden has been running her entire life. Her blood is unlike any other and she must protect it at all costs. But the evil that has massacred her entire family is relentless and will stop at nothing until she belongs solely to him - body and soul. When she finds herself unexpectedly in the hands of another evil - she is torn on whether to run - or rely on her unlikely savior. She soon realizes she's not only at risk of disclosing her secrets - but losing her heart.

  • mate
  • romance
  • supernatural
  • vampire
  • werewolf
blueberryymuffin blueberryymuffin Feb 27, 2016
Lol I thought it was something really bad, but no it was just forgetting to set the clock.
ChampagneMami1920 ChampagneMami1920 Jan 30, 2016
Smh me every time. I had been late to a dentist appointment because I didn't realize that daylights savings time was the next day.
idiosyncraticforever idiosyncraticforever May 11, 2016
this is one of the best pieces of vampire attack i have read without wanting to scratch out my eyes ....
Hob-Goblin Hob-Goblin Jan 04, 2016
Amazing start, feels like a published Paranormal Romance novel already.
CatDavis CatDavis Oct 14, 2015
So intense.  You grasped your readers into the story and I'm with this sequel.
KissesofInk KissesofInk Sep 14, 2015
Oh my god, the rest of the prologue has me SOOO excited!! I can't wait to learn more about Leonie and Nico, especially with the cliffy you left us on. ;) ;)