I know you love me

I know you love me

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HanCY21 By HanCY21 Updated Sep 13, 2015

Hey guys! I'm a newbie so yeah. If there's wrong grammar, I'm sorry cuz english is not my mother language ☺ 

This story is about a girl who struggled to be a successful actress in Korea and achieve her goals to become an educator 

-Park Boyoung ( lotus ) 
-17 years old
-Bestfriend : Hanna, Emma, Andrea 
-Nerdy ( but actually she's not that kind of person) 
-love to smile, she wants to make people always happy. (Happiness is the key for her to continue her life)
- Crush? Jaebum but she found out that her crush already have a girlfriend named Yuju 
-Jaebum is her childhood friend that actually hate Boyoung because she's ugly , nerd and it's just not his style

-Song Joongki
-19 years old
-Loves to smile
-He loves Boyoung because of her pureness love
-He is one of the best child actors(?)
- He wants to pursue his dreams in acting and help Boyoung to become a successful actress
-Song Hanna is his sister( Boyoung's Bff)
-Crush? Park Boyoung 
-He wants to help people to achieve their dream...