Working the Pole (Ereri/Riren)

Working the Pole (Ereri/Riren)

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Jex By Keys_to_Kaleidoscope Updated Oct 21

Levi is Eren's English teacher and he immediately catches the brunette's eyes. Eren tries to ignore his feelings for the older man but his efforts fail when he finds his way into a club and discovers that his intimidating English teacher has a second job-Mr. Ackerman is a stripper. 

-Warning: There is sexual content pretty much everywhere.-

[I don't own anything from AOT/SNK]

•This is boyxboy if you don't like it, don't read it.

If Eren still had his Titan strength then le horse 🐴 wouldn't be a problem. I'm surprised nobody has called his an ass and then sarcastically say sorry because they're struggle with seeing a difference between a horse and a donkey.
their relationship is so weird and complex, I literally read a story a few weeks ago where Jean was helping Eren give birth to his child
Ironically Lips are moving by megan trainer just came on LOL
IDEK_Help IDEK_Help Oct 11
OMG MIKASA'S ASEXUAL!!!!!! So am I love this already... Though I hate Levi at the moment.
damn an hour?!? imagine needing to wake up an hour earlier for this NOPE NOT MY CUP OF TEA
Animu_Girl Animu_Girl Nov 22
When it said arrogant i thought of divergent for some resone😂😂😂