Working the Pole (Ereri/Riren)

Working the Pole (Ereri/Riren)

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Jex By Keys_to_Kaleidoscope Updated Feb 01

Levi is Eren's English teacher and he immediately catches the brunette's eyes. Eren tries to ignore his feelings for the older man but his efforts fail when he finds his way into a club and discovers that his intimidating English teacher has a second job-Mr. Ackerman is a stripper. 

-Warning: There is sexual content pretty much everywhere.-

[I don't own anything from AOT/SNK]

•This is boyxboy if you don't like it, don't read it.

tmhwpacc tmhwpacc Feb 08
I've actually caught rides with teachers before, and it's pretty fun tbh. I thought it'd be super awkward but teachers just talk heaps of shít about kids 😂😂😂😂
                              levi: who said that
                              me: erens conscious*whispers* play wiv me daddy
                              levi: what?!
                              me: ......
Hewehpawl Hewehpawl Jan 05
It's 2:34 AM, and I have an appointment in 8 hours. Ha, screw it, I'm still reading.
1fangirlLifestyle 1fangirlLifestyle 4 days ago
Hats off to the author you did good job on Levi's personalize I can practically hear Levi's voice saying these things
Levik1k1 Levik1k1 Dec 21, 2016
For college I need to take a 45 minute walk to the bus stop and then an hour bus to then walk 20 more minutes. And 3 out of 5 days a week I need to be in for an 8:45 lesson
leviaye leviaye Dec 30, 2016
My school's policy is no dye (colours of the rainbow) and abSOLUTELY NO HATS.