Working the Pole (Ereri/Riren AU)

Working the Pole (Ereri/Riren AU)

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Jex By Keys_to_Kaleidoscope Updated Jul 31

Levi is Eren's English teacher and he immediately catches the brunette's eyes. Eren tries to ignore his feelings for the older man but his efforts fail when he finds his way into a club and discovers that his intimidating English teacher has a second job-Mr. Ackerman is a stripper. 

-Warning: There is sexual content pretty much everywhere.-

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I sleep when I'm too lazy to go into my bed and I just sleep there and my floor is really comfortable
Wolfy57286 Wolfy57286 Aug 07
If Levi was to be my teacher..
                              AT SCHOOL
                              I'd die of a nose bleed and collapse in my seat
Pffffttttt I wouldn't be surprised if he has a dance to go with the song
Wolfy57286 Wolfy57286 Aug 07
                              *goes to slam door but breaks nose instead*
Wolfy57286 Wolfy57286 Aug 07
I bet you could secretly cut the tension in there with a knife
Wolfy57286 Wolfy57286 Aug 07
                              I hope there's not one for my school because I'm going to be the only girl with a freakin boy cut hair😂😂