Working the Pole (Ereri/Riren AU) {COMPLETE}

Working the Pole (Ereri/Riren AU) {COMPLETE}

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Jex By Keys_to_Kaleidoscope Completed

Levi is Eren's English teacher and he immediately catches the brunette's eyes. Eren tries to ignore his feelings for the older man but his efforts fail when he finds his way into a club and discovers that his intimidating English teacher has a second job-Mr. Ackerman is a stripper. 

-Warning: There is sexual content pretty much everywhere.-


[I do not own anything from AOT/SNK but I do own the plot and any/all original characters]

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OreoKidz OreoKidz Apr 29
Yeah they all say that. And 1 week later they’re pregnant.
'short'....😂😂😂 sorry Levi, but I just can't!😂😂😂
I bet the song was deepthroat by cupcake!
                              LICK LICK LICK LICK I WANT TO EAT YOUR D!CK
                              BUT I CAN'T PUT STUFF ON MY NAILS
                              SO I PICKED IT UP WITH CHOPSTICKS
lanawtf lanawtf Apr 25
lol everyone is salty cus of mikasa she’s just looking out for here brother chill out lmao
Ruka_812 Ruka_812 Apr 10
Psh what are you talking about he was copying my paper......without taking his eyes off his paper.
LPT3_Me LPT3_Me Apr 21
Mom: time to wake up dead
                              Me: nu 
                              Mom: Time to wake up!
                              Me: nuuuuuuuu
                              Mom: *sigh* I'll make you coffee?
                              Me: *shoots up from bed* I'm up!
                              Mom: how does that work? Btw we still don't have any coffee stuff
                              Me: welp, back to sleep *lays back down*
                              Mom: really kid? -_-