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Ask and Dare MLP

Ask and Dare MLP

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I SHIP IT By kiwile3 Updated Jun 12

AJ: Howdy y'all! You can...
TS: Apple Jack! What did I tell you about introductions!
PP: That I was going to do them. Hi everypony! In this book...
R: No I want to do the introduction! Ehem, hello darlings...
RD: I thought we made it clear that the awesome pony was going to do the intro. Or was it Fluttershy?
FS: Ahh! (runs away crying)
TS: Anyway you can ask or dare any of us anything!
RD: Try to keep the dares and questions under control, if you know what I mean, wink wink. 
R: So go ahead! What are you waiting for? Ask away!
TS: Rarity that wasn't part of the script!
R: Well I think it adds something don't you?
PP: Mmhm.
TS: Just, just cut.

ShangNawang ShangNawang 3 days ago
I dare applejack to kiss rarity on lips and on the neck for 1 minute
- - Sep 13, 2015
I dare Fluttershy to look up PETA XD
                              Also, I dare Dashie to watch the whole My Little Dashie Movie :3
sailorfresa sailorfresa Sep 13, 2015
I'm back for more, I dare Fluttershy to eat a cooked mussel.
sailorfresa sailorfresa Sep 13, 2015
third round except ill be nice this time, Applejack, when did you and Carmel leave the group last years vacation, dont deny it, you were up to something, TELL ME!!!
sailorfresa sailorfresa Sep 13, 2015
okay, im ready for the second round, i dare Rarity to eat a rotten fatty chocolate chip malt cookie pie and not work out for the next week. Enjoy......Rarity.