Captain's Family-Levi x Reader- #3

Captain's Family-Levi x Reader- #3

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   Well hey there! Yep, it's the third freaking book! Wow. You must be surprised. And if you haven't read the first and second book. This third one will totally confuse the fuck out of you. Just a warning. And um, well, how do I say this. . . . you will be kinda surprised by the story line. Its my own plot, I am going against the original because I'm a rebel. XD 

But the plot goes a little like this:

  *The Titans are basically gone.

  *People can travel outside of the walls (must be in groups and have 2-4 scouts.)

  *Education!!! As in school! Sort of...

  *Annnnnnd. . . . . . . they now have carriages (as in horses and a wagon pretty much) and their rides are a bit bigger for them.

   So, I hope you continue to read this story and stick with me. 

  This whole story is dedicated to the most wonderful friend I have ever met on the INTERNET. She has been so kind and you wouldn't believe how funny she is. Thank you, for helping me and making me smile almost every day when I'm dow...

Then where's your confederate flag, 12 gauge shot gun, Chevy pickup truck, moonshine/beer XD
Krista_Viknstine Krista_Viknstine Sep 24, 2017
Wait what I'm confuse I have a child?  But.. I'm just..  12 years old..  What the hell  WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN!?
___Uchiha___ ___Uchiha___ May 21, 2017
more then your cleaning supplies ^w^
                              Me: ;-;
WhyFanFic WhyFanFic Apr 27, 2016
I read the chapter name as 'one child please' like they where paying for a child... Wow
SpucyBoi2 SpucyBoi2 Sep 22, 2016
More than your cleaning supplies?
                              Levi: Okay I dont know about that!
                              Me: Damnit I can never win against his fcking bleach