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Her (creepypasta x reader )

Her (creepypasta x reader )

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Fun_bun By Fun_bun Updated Apr 16

you (y/ n) are being stalked by the creepypasta's because the slender man couldn't find you. So he sent Masky,hoodie, and Jeff to find you.

Mae_Akiyama Mae_Akiyama Apr 24
It's actually true... I am the popular girl in school but I don't bully or anything I'm LE NICEST PERSON ON SCHOOL
fuzzy52401 fuzzy52401 Mar 19
P-pink!? *Backs up in horror and sprints away* NOOOOOOOOOOO!
I AM insane so we made a group in school that were the KAWAII POTATOES
Ok but like tbh Pink is a lovely colour, but I despise the obnoxious hot bright pink.  I swear it could blind anyone.  I very much prefer a bit of a light pastel pink.
Nuuuh i HATE HATE PINK AND GIRLY STUFF although i do have long
Okay I'll let the Hoodie And Masky :Not Creepypasta thing slip, but Brian and Tim have long completed collage, for god's sake they're in their late 20s if anything. You just HAD to pick them though.