Who Will It Be?(naruhina,sasuhina)

Who Will It Be?(naruhina,sasuhina)

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zaylee21 By zaylee21 Updated Apr 28

The war is over, sasuke is back, and all the villages are at peace. The only one still suffering is Hinata hyuga,  she is very depressed that her cousin Neji died and her father has been treating her like it's her fault.

Naruto finally realized his feelings for Hinata but what happens when Sasuke gets attracted to her.

please give this story a try.  I'm not good with summaries.*^▁^*

*I don't own naruto or any of it's characters*

Deseraesmith1995 Deseraesmith1995 6 days ago
I wish mirajane was there so she can get mad because he messed up a ship
DannyBoi77 DannyBoi77 Feb 16
Yes he will mind...  And so will I so back the f*** up b**** and accept your fate/cannon relationship.