fairytail vacation ━━ nalu, gruvia, gale, jerza & rowen

fairytail vacation ━━ nalu, gruvia, gale, jerza & rowen

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─ after re-claiming their rightful spot as the number one guild in fiore, fairytail's master rewards the winning teams in the grand magic games. they are able to bring whoever they wish, to the most known resort in fiore, blossom resort. mira decides to use this opportunity to make her ships closer than ever before. join the gang as they go through sleepovers, movie nights, amusement parks, expensive restaurants, the beach and many more!


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SmollAwkwardPotato SmollAwkwardPotato Dec 03, 2017
                              I can't believe people actually eat that... 
                              I remember when I found out that peeps eat that on thanksgiving...
                              In my family, we eat tamales, enchiladas, and molé on thanksgiving... oh we can't forget the ponche!
SmollAwkwardPotato SmollAwkwardPotato Dec 03, 2017
Well mean... Natsu is always there so he technicality lives there now
Tabbycat520 Tabbycat520 Nov 04, 2017
And now time for a poem.
                              R.i.p. Erza’s cakes forevermore they can never catch break since  they are always landing on the floor.
Pink_Candy8 Pink_Candy8 Nov 19, 2017
Ya see, this is just like me and my friends. Instead, if they mention my crush, I throw my shoe at them then attempt to run by rather trip down the stairs or a table or chair trips me
eyewolfris eyewolfris Jan 12
You shouldn't have to be reminded how terrifying erza can be😂
Nalu_Biggest_Fan Nalu_Biggest_Fan Nov 22, 2017
Seriously...... They are just....... SO CCCCUUUUTTTTTEEE TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!