Handle With Care

Handle With Care

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Adara Skye By DeltaBrainwaves Updated May 29

Ryder is a werewolf, a severely depressed one at that. When he was 15 years old, he stumbled into his home only to find his entire family brutally slaughtered, leaving him completely and utterly alone. Without the slightest clue as to why his family was so suddenly killed, and with no one to go to, he was left roaming the wilderness for seven long years. All the while, he's been plagued by nightmares, grief, and loneliness.

Now, at age 22, Ryder gets injured by supernatural hunters, and is left believing that it was finally his turn to die. Though instead, he's surprised to find out that a vampiric family of five had rescued him, and they seem very intent on nursing him back to complete health.

However, Ryder is far more damaged than what meets the eye, and although Ryder tries to hide his pain from the vampires, the Sire of that vampiric family, Elric, begins to notice. After finding out about Ryder's past, Elric decides to make it his mission to heal the werewolf both physically and emotionally, to give him a home and a family again. 

Though over the many nights and days of Elric comforting the werewolf, and Ryder becoming  attached to the vampire and his family, the two realize they're forming feelings for each other that they soon can't deny. How will it all play out?

(Story is discontinued)

arctycs arctycs Jun 12
                              Roses are red
                              Cacti are pretty 
                              Let me just say
                              That escalated quickly
animegirl2675 animegirl2675 Oct 25, 2016
How this doesn't have more reads and votes is beyond me! I've read this sooo many times even if its not done! Its sooo good! When I have nothing I want to read I come to this! So detailed an amazing!
fairybaberule fairybaberule Jun 19, 2016
Enchanting start, death portrayed beautifully without taking away from the sadness of it all. Love it. ❤💚❤💚❤💚
Woah when was i inhere , just kidding ,well a littlr buuuut AWESOME BEGINING
Ranneeyah Ranneeyah Jan 17
Beautiful chapter and great style of writing, I'm already hooked