If Hearts Could Speak (UNEDITED)

If Hearts Could Speak (UNEDITED)

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|"Sometimes the heart knows things the mind could never explain." -Ranjeet|

We are teenagers. We have gone through hell and back. Listen to the stories we have to tell. Spoiler alert: we get broken in the end. But our stories come from our heart. Listen to our heartbeat.

Elizabeth and Andrew were good friends up until high school. They drifted away, and rarely spoke to each other. During the last few months of high school, Elizabeth and her four friends get caught in drama. This includes crushes, breakups, makeups, bullies, and much more. Elizabeth has to keep them together and ignore her longing crush on a plain and heartbroken guy. But maybe something could distract her from all that. Maybe that distraction's name is Blake.

Warning: READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! This story contains many plot holes, cliche moments, and just things that don't make any sense. (And editing would be a nightmare. I can't do it myself. I've officially given up on this story.)

#569 in Teen Fiction on April 9, 2016

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Kitkat4life_2002 Kitkat4life_2002 Jun 23, 2016
Angel smith, Hazel eyes, hmmm sounds familiar 😉 hmmmmm hahaha
KittyRuthless KittyRuthless Jan 30, 2017
Such a majestic thing, to see a wattpadian in its natural habitat....
writerdelight writerdelight Jul 23, 2016
Oh My GOD you used Azalea dolls star wars creator? we are totally game buddies.
Owlover17 Owlover17 Oct 31, 2015
Love it!! There's so much great detail and description, it just makes me want to read more!
awsome_fada_19 awsome_fada_19 Sep 16, 2015
Is this about who I think it's about??? And if it is is it true???