Powerful Stiles, the snake: A Sciles Fanfic

Powerful Stiles, the snake: A Sciles Fanfic

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Lily Rain By lilywrite00 Updated Oct 12

One day the pack is in the woods training. Stiles is sitting up against a tree and watching. All of a sudden he feels electricity course through his vains. He looks at his hand to find water running from his hand and his arm having  a snake like looking texture. He looked in his mirror to see his eyes were snake eyes, and he also saw he had a snake tongue. After Stiles incident Stiles starts to change and the only one to bring him back is Scott. 

Will Scott and Stiles get together?

How will Stiles cope?

Stiles is a Adroanzi. He is a one of a kind. Adroanzi's are nature gods of rivers, trees, lakes, oceans, streams, and etc. At night they follow people and protect them from animals/ werewolf and bandits as long as they do not look over there shoulder to ensure that an Adroanzi was following and if they did the Adroanzi would kill them. The people they killed they ate. They are also known as water snakes.

You are so stupid you can just like hear his heart beat when you are around him literally  
                              No offense author-chan
gothvampire gothvampire Jan 21
I cant wait for the next update and see whts gonna hapen to stiles and wht kind of powers will he get
Good beginig hope for the best ...aaanndd in these history and will stiles get awsome powers???