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Renee💕 By ren_bear Completed

This book is mostly teen fiction using the characters from my favourite series, Divergent. Most of my story isn't based off of the plot of Divergent. Just a little heads up before you guys read it. 

- - -

"I..." I start averting my eye.
  He grabs my chin to force me to look at him.
  "Tris,"he demands.
  "Ok fine. I have a history of... Depression. You know cutting, and uhh... Suicide,"I say the last part quietly but I know he heard.
 "Oh Tris,"he says looking sad. He gathers me into his arms.
  I smell his scent and force back my tears.
  "Don't do this to yourself,"he whispers, "You don't deserve this."
  I fit my head to the crook of his neck and melt into his embrace.
  "I'll try,"I whisper back knowing that I'm lying. I let out a small whimper but my voice muffled my his shirt. 
Hopefully he won't miss me much. 

  - - -

  Beatrice Prior is under stress from highschool and now bullying. She has a history of depression and attempting suicide. Its not easy for her and she seems to be slowly drifting back to her past. With a dead mother and her father desperately trying  to find a new girlfriend, Beatrice feels alone in this world. And leaving her alone may not be a great choice.

- - - 
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  - - -


- - -

P.S  I started writing this book at a young age so prepare for amateur writing at the beginning! Please give my book a chance I promise it gets better. 😊

I would be erudite and candor probably. Though I am selfless at times and some people call me brave, so I would be divergent.
Melanie187 Melanie187 May 16, 2016
I'd probably be dauntless and abnegation 
                              Dauntless bc all I do is take risks and I'll do anything even if it's dangerous but as long as it's fun 
                              Abnegation bc well I care about everyone and I help them whenever I can
- - May 31, 2016
Same like not always and I am not nice to some people.......😂
UniversalAsteroid UniversalAsteroid Sep 01, 2016
Mostly Amity bug i sometimes get an aptitude for Dauntless and Erudite. But I always get Amity.
MakennaKF MakennaKF Aug 02, 2016
please please PLEASE tell me you are not one of those people who thinks Chicago is a state...
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