Siren's Silence

Siren's Silence

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Victoria Fox By VictoriaFox2015 Updated Aug 22

A naval captain driven from the kingdom of his birth, now seeking a place to call "home".

A king who spilled the blood of his own kin to take the throne.

A shadowy figure of legend whose intentions are unknown.

A creature who should never been born.

A net of mysteries, murder, tales, and truths awaits in the great grey ocean infested by magical beasts and creatures of legend. In a world where myth and reality are indiscernible, survival is a matter of balancing ignorance and knowledge.

Knowing too little may end your life in the carnivorous maw of an old Celtic legend.

Knowing too much could put a target on your back, guaranteeing a bloody end at the point of an assassin's blade.

Just when all seems to be resolving itself, an old power resurfaces and brings a dangerous element to an already catastrophic war.

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