Vampire's Blood(BTS)

Vampire's Blood(BTS)

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Book 1
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Heidi. A normal, living person just like you and I. Heidi was living a pretty normal life, that she never knew would become...deadly. She knew her life would get crazy at times, but what she didn't know was the kind of blood that ran through her veins.

Bangtan. A regular, undead group who is trying to protect her from the Blood Coven: a league of power driven vampires who Heidi refers to as "Hell's Angels". They are the typical villains, always after the powerful blood that she holds.

After all, you never know what to expect when you have a "Vampire's Blood"...

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jeonelisya jeonelisya Aug 09, 2017
i know *coughs* beauty is all over *coughs* my face ... but u don't have to stare
CuppaMintTae CuppaMintTae Mar 12, 2017
Why can't Jimin just walk up to her and say, "Excuse me!" I'd automatically stop whatever I was doing XD
k_a_HolyWater_ k_a_HolyWater_ Jul 17, 2017
haha this was me when i took out d pointy thing (i cant remember) and i was poking all my friends with it lmao
1KookiesMindSlave 1KookiesMindSlave Feb 10, 2017
I feel IT'S weird to use their stage names.. Or is that just me?
Chamsel Chamsel Feb 07, 2017
Good Girl distract them, but Im pretty sure the 7. Guy is behind you sneaking up on you... Or is that just me?!!
EmilyRodriguez525 EmilyRodriguez525 Jan 13, 2017
Who the hell talks to creepy guys in an alley lol... I'd run past em... Bye~