The Pack Slut

The Pack Slut

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TiffanyT_ By TiffanyT_ Updated Aug 09, 2016

Well as you can see the title I'm the pack slut, but the real thing is I'm still a virgin (will find out in the story why). 

Well in almost every werewolves story there is always the main innocence girl while the slut is always the whore, will in this story the slut is your main girl!


I thought I was his. I thought he would love me. Nope! I was wrong! He never love me! He never look at me but only called me names! I was the pack slut! I hated myself but I learn to love myself! Growing but wasn't easy at all! Being hate by your own family for bringing shame to them! I thought I lost everything when my mate rejected me and announced his luna, Lexy. But nope! I still have a long journey ahead of me.

This is my story! My beginning! My ENDING!!!

aliasyed aliasyed Aug 18, 2016
interesting concept but why does she wanna be known as a slut
sheri672 sheri672 Sep 16, 2016
That makes no sense. How can she lose her vcard the night before yet slept with many guys . dumb
abymae abymae Sep 08, 2016
Yet she supposedly gifted her v-card last night? Check your math alpha.