LUNA J.m Interracial

LUNA J.m Interracial

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デイダラ By LethalMcCann Updated Jun 04

"Don't hurt her Jason" Jason looked over at her and smiled as she sat there playing on his phone. She held it up and made a face, Jason chuckled. Aw she's taking a selfie how cute. 

"I'd never" he said looking down at her mom. "Then yes you may take my baby on a date" Jason smiled "Thank you miss" Jason said as he walked back to Luna she giggled as he sat down on a stool right next to her. "Hi." She smiled. "Hello" she said putting Jason's phone down and looking at him. 

Jason adores this girl and that's a lot to say for the bad boy of Wingate high. "Hey." He smiles. "Your mom said she'll let me take you out on a date." "Date?" Her face screwed up in confusion. He smiled. Her innocence is pure, I can't ruin that. He thought. "I'll tell you more about it later." She smiled and nodded before holding up the phone "smile"she said. Jason smiled and looked down, as she snapped the picture. 

"Pretty." She said smiling. "Not pretty, hot." "Hot? It cold how hot?" He smiled. "Not the temp its...

Tf, I bet her dumb a$$ don't even know the answer her damn self.
Why do I have a feeling this story is going to turn into some type of daddy kink
                              I'm not complaining
Ummm am I the only one who looked lust like Luna with that question??
All that for what? Even I don't know that off the top of my head.