He's a stupid jerk and i hate him .. no i like him... yeah it's complicated.

He's a stupid jerk and i hate him .. no i like him... yeah it's complicated.

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Maria Petrova By AngelofDarkkness Updated Oct 04, 2010

Alex Hudson is a beautiful, skeptical girl and a straight A student working hard to get somewhere in life and peruse her dream of becoming a world-class writer. She is on a scholarship at an elite school, Madison High.l In the mean time she has a part time job at a small local coffee shop to help support herself while she's away from home and her family, living in a small, old apartment. Everything is working okay. 

However, her world is turned up-side down when she is paired with the handsome and stunning Zack Prinze, the guy every girl wants to be with and the guy every boy wants to be. Alex hates him because of the fact that he has everything easy and expects everyone to do what he wants and also because he gets everything he wants most if not all the time. Which she finds unfair, why should he get everything when he practically does nothing to deserve it?

But when the line between love and hate is so thin.. could Alex be falling for the hot rich jerk without her even knowing so? 

And could Zack, the lady's man, be falling for a nerd, who's poor and is willing to judge him before even giving him a chance? 

Follow the story as Alex and Zack's relationship take twisting turns, as the plot continues....