Shrinking Violet ✓

Shrinking Violet ✓

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Gwyneth Tan knows flowers.

Gwyneth Tan does not know love.

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❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ he is a really good singer ☺️☺️
- - Jun 17
probably going 2 reread this bc i adore this story so much ! ♥︎
Blueacari Blueacari Jun 03, 2016
I was feeling special but now the fact that I gave you you're 500th vote seems very insignificant :[
Issa_Bae Issa_Bae Aug 14, 2016
This description alone is so beautifully written.  I am so excited to read the rest
silverfinger- silverfinger- May 17, 2016
I already read this book and I'm not sure if I said it before but I LOVE THIS STORY!!!!
ellesvouge ellesvouge May 18, 2016
You have amazing writing! I cannot wait to start this book and also thanks for the cover xx