Young Justice One-Shots

Young Justice One-Shots

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Hi! Lizardgurl here! (I should really stop writing new stories)

eh, what can I say? I get bored.

Requests are taken for one-shots of OCs and canon characters from everyone's favorite TV show: Young Justice!

I may write one-shots with OCs that haven't be requested if I get inspired for one, but credit will always be given to the owner of the OC!

Request forms inside!

May I ask why there's no more Nightwing and Robin requests? I sit because people ask non-stop for them?
So does that mean that we can request Jason? Although it isn't offical that he was on the team but it kinda hints that he may have been since he has a hologram. And does 'robin' also mean Tim?
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Gold121221 Gold121221 Sep 21
@Lizardgurl ... I'm not saying that. But this is extremely rude to your readers and this is a little upsetting if you are going to tell this too all of your Nightwing readers.
PixieBootsLover PixieBootsLover Oct 18, 2015
Graybat, anything Graybat, I know you did one, just please more Graybat.
Star-Wars_SkyGurl Star-Wars_SkyGurl Sep 13, 2015
Okay! I've got a request: My OCs Apollo and Carter come up with a plan to get Babs and Richard together in season 2.