The Love Of Siblings (Incest)

The Love Of Siblings (Incest)

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*WARNING* - this story contains minor swearing and incest, pls do not read if you do not like those kind of things.

?Currently editing  this whole story so if there is any grammatical errors or if anything doesn't make sense I haven't corrected it yet? - 2018


At a young age twin siblings Ryan and Jasmine aged 17 have suffered greatly, first loosing their mother to loosing their father as well who had left  them on their own for his own sake, since then the twins have relied on each other for support, up until now..


"Ryan what are you doing?" I asked surprised as I tried to pushed myself up before he pulled me back against him.

He stayed silent, his arms gently wrapped around me pulling me closer into him, my heart started to race as my skin started to heat up.

His lips ever so softly touched against my skin.

"I'm sorry Jasmine but I can't take it anymore" he whispered making me shudder, "Ryan stop" I said softly pulling him off, his hand gently cupped the back  of my neck as he pulled me in without me realising.

Our lips touched as my heart still raced, I didn't stop myself because I just couldn't.

'Thump Thump Thump 
Went my heart again'

His touch was almost paralysing me, he pushed me back our lips still synced, his hands tangled with my hair as my hands tightly gripped onto his shirt.

He slowly pulled back, looking at me with his hazel eyes, still paralysed I stared back at him taking in his facial details.

We really look similar don't we?


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Miathebrave4 Miathebrave4 5 days ago
Okay imma stop cause you said your editing it and it makes me feel like a bitch. I will try to enjoy it as it is now ☺
nae5502 nae5502 Jan 28
You mean a 180 a 360 would get you back in the same position 🤔
lolasum lolasum Aug 28, 2017
miranimea miranimea Jan 04
O MY GOD!!! How stupid can she be?! I mean she heard him moaning her name, that should be a MAJOR hint?! Duh!
river44 river44 Jan 02, 2017
You couldnt you just grab clothes from your room then change in the bathroom?????
- - Aug 02, 2016
This is a real twincest story right? No 'finally revealed they arent related' nonsense right?