Sisters after Misters

Sisters after Misters

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Ramsha By certifiedcliche Completed

Aurelia Ellingson and Willow Ellingson are more than sisters. They're each other's best friends, cheerleaders and teachers. They believe that no one could come between them.

Apparently not.

Because when Blake Agron comes in their life, the bond starts to break as they both fall for him. 

The question is, whom does Blake choose?

Jealousy is unleashed, drama unfolds and things go down. Sisters? No one cares anymore.


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pinkprincesscoolest pinkprincesscoolest Jun 07, 2016
Am so excited to read this...hope it lives upto the xpectation
J_A_Brown J_A_Brown Feb 01, 2016
I know this won't count for the assignment, but you really don't need a synopsis at the start of the book. A synopsis is something you send with your letter and first 3 chapters when you send the book to a agent/publisher.
NoFuse NoFuse Apr 24, 2016
This sounds like a good story. I like how u explain and break it down for people here
lalipop257 lalipop257 Jul 14, 2016
Me almost everyday😂 Does anyone else have the name Aurelia? Cause that's my name😜
Dina1083 Dina1083 Jul 07, 2016
That is what they all say until u find them throwing their freaking shoe at u
Your_Fuckboi Your_Fuckboi Jul 03, 2016
Is Iqra ur sister?
                              It's pretty cool dedicating a story to ur sis
                              I have a brother so he'd have to be gay for us to fight over a guy
                              Either way I'd do anything for my brother, even if he turned out to be gay and I had to give up a guy for him
                              Speaking of that he might be gay?