sweven ➢ norminah

sweven ➢ norminah

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yasmin By softlmj Completed

(n.) a vision seems in sleep; a dream

= = =

"I saw her in my dream, again. I wonder if she exists."

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I wish I could lucid dream🤦🏽‍♀️one time ALL the girls were in my dreams and all i could do was sit there and talk to them....no touching what so ever😭
laureguiii laureguiii Aug 25, 2016
Lol why is everyone so confused, the title literally means dream
laureguiii laureguiii Aug 25, 2016
"..I wonder if she exists." It's literally in the summary lmao
magicalfranta magicalfranta Aug 05, 2016
This reminds me of that livestream when Normani pushed Camila off the table lmao
Laurmani_My_Life Laurmani_My_Life Oct 31, 2016
Man let me dream of being in a relationship with someone as fine as Normani
say-ishima say-ishima Aug 31, 2016
I wish my dreams would continue whenever i feel like it😂😂😂