My Bully Loves Me (boyxboy, bxb)

My Bully Loves Me (boyxboy, bxb)

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fancymustach By fancymustach Updated Mar 08

Not looking while walking isn't a very good idea.

A lot if things can happen, you could fall, bump into another person, accidentally kiss your crush who was also your bully.

Collin Williams is a gay nerd, who is (as cliché as it is) in love with his bully. Masochistic much? Anyway, he runs into him in the locker room, and falls over while his bully is holding him and makes out with him for a full 30 seconds.

Linus Angurth is the secretly gay bully, who (as cliché as it is) is in love with the gay nerd. This story is just one big gay cliché. When he runs into Collin in the locker room, he prepares to break Collins arm, only to kiss him instead.

Now add in the over-protective dad of Collin, Linus' girlfriend, a homophobic school, Linus' friend who thinks that he is a demon after he comes out, the jock who wishes to date Collin, and a butt ton of other problems.

Isn't highschool fun?

I burst out laughing at this part and had to make something up cause I was in the car with my mom.....hahah
Waffle_666 Waffle_666 Jun 21
When I read "heat of the moment"I instantly thought of supernatural.😂😂
- - Jun 19
Well, shît....I'm not gonna pretend that I'm not laughing my âss of right now.
Is that how straight couple talk to each other I'm genuinely asking
Wait he just totally over locked the fact that she just called him hot.....
Lol who cares about shitty society? Love who you want v: regarding religion,race,gender,status as long as the love's real and mutual