20 Days With Kim Namjoon || RAPMONSTER FF || DISCONTINUED

20 Days With Kim Namjoon || RAPMONSTER FF || DISCONTINUED

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Arwenn By SanHyung_14 Updated Jan 21

1. No going inside each other's rooms
2. cook your own food
3. don't ask for help if you need something
4. don't make alot of noise
and last but not the least
5. don't fall inlove with eachother

penalty: put 2,000₩ on the swear jar

Those were the rules, the rules that I have to follow for the 20 hellish days of my life
                                  - Lee Jae Yeon


This is a birthday gift to Namjoon which is supposed to be yesterday.
But a birthday with a gift is a blessing ^v^

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Rule #1. No going in each other's rooms
                              *fücks on the couch, counter, shower,floor*
I'm sure I'll be breaking most of the rules especially 1, 3, sometimes 4 cause I'm curious to what he's doing when I'm bored and 5 just cause he's going to be irresistible
Am I the only one who is hoping they break all theee rules 😂😂
- - Jun 08
Yeah Namjoon 👏🏼👏🏼 that's where you fall but it is your rule so don't come crying to me when you flood the kitchen or something
Just put 2000 won on the swear jar and say that rules were meant to be broken
Easy. Just stare at Princess Jin selcas and you'll be alright.