Ripped out my soul UNDER DEEP EDITING

Ripped out my soul UNDER DEEP EDITING

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BrendaStilinski By BrendaStilinskixxx Completed

Allison, sweet, strong, kind Allison has died. The pack miss her and would do anything to have her back again . So they all set up an Ouija board so they can talk to her .
They contact a spirit , but not the right one.
....And Stiles will have to pay the price and blood will be on his hands once again. And a very familiar Nogitsune wills be causing chaos, strife and pain.

One thing will lead to another, but either way....Stiles will go through hell all over again. 

"If you're going through hell, keep going"

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_airyStilinski_ _airyStilinski_ May 16, 2016
                              So emotional 
                              Isaac I love you
griverse369 griverse369 Jul 24, 2016
Ou ah oh ou that's gonna be a little bruised, that a little broken 😆 Sheriff how could you do this?? Somebody call Mellisa!!!! He needs to be grounded. I'm grounding him. You're grounded
SpeciosaEspinosa SpeciosaEspinosa Sep 06, 2016
                              Throwback #isaaclahey #infrancewithscarfs
griverse369 griverse369 Jul 24, 2016
These are the rules of the Ouija game?? Omg I'm gonna die 😃😃 or end up possessed like Stiles 😉😉
jacesimonalec jacesimonalec Oct 29, 2015
Been recommended by bestie(aurum18) I can't wait to get stuck in it!!!