Lost Girls

Lost Girls

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Evangeline Macbeth doesn't believe in love anymore. 

The last time she did, she fell for her best friend just like any other cliche love story, but it didn't turn out well at all. In the end, all she got back was heartbreak and rivers of tears. 

The last time she did, she was a naive 16 year old girl who broke her heart because he cheated on her so openly. 

Two years later, 19 year old Evangeline found herself back into a sticky situation. After running away from home for almost a year, she bumped into a familiar face in the dingy streets of Florida. Surprised to see him again, Evangeline swore to make his life miserable in any way she can. 

After all, it was only because of him did she break in the first place. Had he not cheated on her, she wouldn't have ran away. Had she not ran away, her parents wouldn't be out looking for her during that stormy night. Had they been at home, they wouldn't have died in that car crash. 

It all began because of him, and it ended with Evangeline being lost. 

She lost herself to the world of remorse and anger. 

But sometimes, you've got to lose yourself first before you can find yourself again. 


"Knowing you was the second biggest mistake I've ever made in my life, Peter. I don't want to have anything to do with you anymore. Just leave me alone!" I screamed, pushing at his arms as he attempted to grab hold of me, hurt in his eyes. 

"Please, Eve, you have to believe me!"

"That's the thing, Peter. The biggest mistake I've ever made was believing in you in the first place. I don't believe anymore. You cannot be trusted. " With that, I turned on my heel and slammed the door of the cab, racing down the road. 

As I looked into the rear view mirror, it was only then did I notice just how saddened did Peter look. 

He looked almost as though he was... Lost. 


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Book 2 of the 'Just Girls' series.

Can be read as a stand alone novel.

Highest Rank Teen Fiction: #46

Xoxo_Maiya Xoxo_Maiya Jul 09
Like I tried to check it out and I'm following you but not all of it comes. Like I can't even see ur other book lotte bc it can't be read as a stand alone and I can't read bad girls
isarah31 isarah31 May 12
Hey I just published a short story about how we teenage girls suffer and that the world doesn't understand us, it'd be nice from y'all to read it and give some feedback thanks ❤️
^^ That wasn't meant to be offencive in anyway, I'm just saying, it kinda made me laugh. I'm sure this book is great and I'm gonna shut up and read now x3
Reading this book because it is my name and also because im going to read the other book haha
i8thecookies i8thecookies Aug 15, 2016
Third book or forth stopped reading realising hiraeth is uncomplete 😪
- - Mar 15, 2016
The cast is literally Victoria's Secret models (not complaining though) :)