Fight The Pain  (Legolas Fanfic)

Fight The Pain (Legolas Fanfic)

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Idril did not mean to stubble into Mirkwood and found a company of 13 dwarves and one hobbit. She was not meant to get be caught by the elves of Mirkwood and throw into a dungeon. She was not meant to fall in love with the prince of Mirkwood. She was not meant to fight in the battle for Middle Earth. She was not meant to find pain or love.

He will try to hide the truth, he will try to shelter her, but with the beast outside, there is no where they can hide. No mater what Sauron breeds, they are made of greed. There was no where they can hide and no where they can run, his eye is watching them. His darkness is where will pain grow and love will die.

domcats domcats Jul 02
Idk is she Tauriels sister, or daughter, or are they childhood friends?