Rightfully Changed.

Rightfully Changed.

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scarlettlove By scarlettlove Updated Apr 20, 2017

“He is crashing! Lets go people I need….”

Liam doesn’t hear what the doctor is saying everything is just humming around him as he is watching his mate fight for his life. They had to cut into him to find the bullet blood is pouring out of his chest. It took everything Liam had not to rip them off Milo.

They told him Milo might not make it. That the bullet hit his heart and contained silver and since his heart was already so weak from all the silver injections from his past that it might fail. The image of Milo body shaking as the bullet pierced his chest and the blood that appeared as he fell to the ground keeps playing in his head.

Tears start rolling down his face as he watches the doctors shock Milo trying to get him to live. He puts his face in his hands and sinks slowly to the floor in fear and grief.

Milo has to make it.

Milo has to discover things of his fathers past to make a future for himself. He has to deal with his Mate his newly adopted son, being an Alpha of the pack that hurt him and the nightmares that haunt him. Not to mention the slew of Rouge that keep attacking. But first he has to survive being shot.

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bren511 bren511 Mar 04, 2016
Come on Milo you are so very strong you just have to make it
QellinKuinn QellinKuinn Nov 25, 2016
Just wondering, but is this connected with Milo and Liam from Tripping Over You?
dreampaper dreampaper Feb 04, 2017
Dad don't even, Milo dragged you before and he sure as hell will drag you in the after life
xx_Clifford_xx xx_Clifford_xx Mar 01, 2015
Ha this bitch is crazy. He should be punished even after his death for making Milo suffer
- - Aug 08, 2014
0.0 at first I thought he lost his memory and omg they are so adorable!!!!
scarlettlove scarlettlove Jun 15, 2013
@KakuyaDancer @Danithecrazy Giving me ideas. ... I am already writing a new story and that sounds like the perfect name!